Why should you be using dietary supplements?

Why should you be using dietary supplements?

The lack of essential nutrients such as vitamins and zinc can cause minor and major health problems for anyone. In most cases, using supplements daily can help reduce the deficiency of necessary nutrients in your body. The use of supplements is extremely common, and more than half of the population uses different types of supplements every day.

If you think that you are the only one relying on supplements every day, worry not because you are not alone. Vitamin deficiency leaves you prone to many diseases, which is why it is better to improve your health with supplements.

As you read on, you will have all the information about dietary supplements so that you are informed the next time you pick up a supplement pill.

What are supplements?

A supplement is anything that enhances. In this case, the word refers to supplements that can enhance your health. Dietary Supplements refer to the supplements that are being used as part of the diet to enhance health. Supplements can either be used to enhance a specific vitamin or mineral in the body or enhance multiple nutrients and vitamins through multivitamin supplements. Dietary supplements include different vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that enhance the diet you consume on a daily basis.

All you should know about Dietary Supplements

  1. Do Supplements make a difference?

Evidence suggests that there are supplements that can benefit your health without being a risk to your body. Dietary supplements can help certain aspects of your health but cannot stop you from contracting diseases or make you live longer. The benefits of consuming supplements are limited and are targeted to improve specific conditions.

Below is a list of common supplements and how they affect health.

  • Calcium

Calcium is used to increase or maintain bone health.

  • Fish Oil

Fish oil is often used by people suffering from heart problems.

  • Vitamin D

Vitamin D helps in strengthening bones.

  • Vitamin A

Vitamin A helps slow vision loss that can take place due to macular degeneration (age-related).

  • Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 helps prevent anemia while at the same time creating DNA and keeping blood cells healthy.

  • Melatonin

Melatonin is used by those that frequently travel by air and need to counter jet lag.

  • Folic Acid

Folic acid is mostly used by women who are pregnant. It is used for reducing birth defects in babies.

  • Vitamin C and E

Both these vitamins help in preventing cell damage to avoid future diseases.

  1. Supplements work best with a healthy diet

It is a common belief that taking supplements is enough. However, it is important that when you are using supplements such as Zi-immune, you have a healthy diet as well. Supplements are an addition to your diet so that they may enhance your health. It is important that you do not rely on them entirely to provide your body with the necessary nutrients.

Supplements should be used as a necessary boost for your body to ensure that your body is getting the necessary nutrients and vitamins. The best way to get the advantages you are expecting is by combining their use with a healthy diet.

  1. Different forms of Supplements

Supplements are popular and a crucial part of the diet for many people all over the country. To ensure that supplements are accessible to all, they can be found in many different forms. All dietary supplements can be found in a pill, powder, or even as liquid form. Regardless of the forms they come in; the end goal is to provide enough nutrients in your body and keep you healthy.

Supplements can be purchased as a standalone supplement, which only has a single vitamin or nutrient. While at the same time, supplements can be purchased as a multivitamin for easy consumption. Each of the dietary supplement will include at least a single dietary ingredient such as:

  • Herbs
  • Botanicals
  • Amino acids
  • Vitamins
  • Enzymes
  • Minerals


  1. Your health provider is your best friend

It is necessary that you choose your supplement with care. There are many supplements in the market that promise results but may be harmful to you. Only a professional can provide you with the best advice on which supplements you should be taking.

After discussing the supplements, you should be taking and the quantity you should be consuming daily, follow the instructions provided by your health care provider. Use as directed and consult your healthcare provider if you notice any side effects.

  1. Use Safe Supplements

What you must understand when using supplements is that they are different from medication. Unlike prescription medication, supplements have lenient regulations which allow for certain supplements to go unchecked when false advertising.

Using supplements like Zi Collagen will provide you with exactly what is promised on the packaging. They make no additional promises and are completely transparent.

Most supplements are safe to use on their own. However, certain ingredients may react with existing medication causing side effects. Using supplements after the advice of your healthcare provider can help you decide which supplements are the best for you.


If you are looking to live a long and healthy life improving your chances can never hurt. Having enough Vitamins and minerals is essential for a healthy life. With supplements, you will get the extra boost you need to enhance your health. Using supplements can be advantageous in many instances, but it is essential that you use the right supplements rather than as a replacement.

With the right daily supplement intake, you will see benefits to your body. Even with the correct diet, you may end up feeling low, which is why supplements can be your friend to give you that extra nudge in the right direction. Being cautious about when you consume is important, but as far as supplements are concerned, you can rest assured that they will cause no harm to your health.

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